Our service is supported by the following devices released by TVIP S-Box: v.410, v.412, v.605, v.610, v.612, v.615

Set-top box TVIP

In the TV section, you need to set the following settings:
“Stream type”: UDP proxy
Content source: “Web portal”

Then you need to select the item “Configure Web Portal”.
Here you need to register the “Portal URL:  http://stb.mega-tv.xyz

*in order to erase an incorrectly entered character, you can use the DEL button on the remote control; in order to register the characters “:” and “_” you need to press Shift on the on-screen keyboard

“Portal available”: TV only

At the end, click the Apply button.
After that, the loading of our IPTV portal will begin.
Set-top box setup is complete. The next time you turn on the portal will be loaded automatically.

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